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Picture paradise and no doubt it will look a lot like this. The Caribbean sea is warm and calm, and a beautiful tropical blue. It laps gently against pure white sandy beaches on any of the thousands of islands that lie within this tranquil sea. Each island is fringed with palm trees, banana plants and beautiful tropical flowers. The lifestyle is lazy, easy going and friendly, and the food divine.

With so much on hand for visitors its no wonder the Caribbean is such a  popular destination for Caribbean holidays, makers and honeymooners alike, and with over 27 countries lying within its waters, each with a distinct history and culture of its own there is no shortage of choice.

Whether you're looking for a lively holiday packed with music and dancing, an active Caribbean holiday of water sports and golf or a romantic escape to a deserted beach there is a place for you within the Caribbean. Read our guides to get an idea of which islands might suit you best, then get in touch with our experts to help plan the perfect getaway to your own tropical island - with over 15 years of experience in booking Caribbean holidays each, they can offer you the insight and advice you need to make your holiday one you will remember forever.

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