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At 239 square miles, the tropical island of St. Lucia is a relatively small, but for holidaymakers it still provides everything a person could want in a holiday. Located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, bordering on the Atlantic Ocean, St. Lucia is famous for its powdery white sand beaches, its sky-blue waters, and its luxurious resorts.

In part because of its small size, and in part because most tourists only visit St. Lucia as part of a Caribbean cruise, St. Lucia tends to be slightly less crowded than other holiday destinations in the Caribbean, drawing a mere 350,000 visitors per year. While 350,000 may seem to be a large number, considering that Cuba attracts two million visitors per year and Jamaica attracts closer to three million, St. Lucia will seem deserted by comparison – and that might be just the kind of quieter holiday you're looking for.

Natural Wonders of St. Lucia

Like the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific, St. Lucia is a volcanic island. As such, the interior of St. Lucia is covered in high mountain peaks and wild rain forests.

Visitors might enjoy taking a low-impact hike along the Barre de L'isle trail in the Forest Reserve. From the trail, lookout points provide incredible views, including views of Mount Gimie, the highest mountain on St. Lucia. The more adventurous might try hiking through St. Lucia's most hidden and lush rain forest at Mahaut. The trail is more strenuous than that of the Barre de L'isle Forest Reserve, but you might be rewarded by catching a glimpse of the rare St. Lucia Parrot.

St. Lucia's volcanoes have one unique feature you won't find elsewhere: St. Lucia boasts the only drive-in volcano in the world. Most commonly known as the St. Lucia Sulphur Springs, the volcano is near the southwestern end of the island, near the town of Soufriere. Visit it while you can – scientists predict an eruption in one hundred years that could wipe out most of St. Lucia!

But the Pitons are the most famous natural wonder in St. Lucia. Two mountain peaks (technically “volcanic plugs” created by hardened magma) jut out from the southwestern coast of St. Lucia. The Pitons are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and while hiking the Pitons is tough, the view from the top is well worth it.

Yachting and Deep Sea Fishing

Although the rain forests and volcanoes of St. Lucia are definitely worth visiting, it's the water, not the land, that draws most visitors to this tropical island. With the Caribbean Sea on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, St. Lucia is perfectly positioned for both yachting and deep sea fishing.

For sailors, setting off for a day trip from St. Lucia couldn't be more appealing. Even if you don't want to rent your own yacht to sail, you can still hop on board for a popular yachting day trip, such as the Rodney Bay to Sand Dollar beach trip. Sand Dollar Beach, just inside Martinique, is an undeveloped area perfect for snorkeling, walking along the coast, or just a long lunch and a bit of napping in the sun.

Fishermen, meanwhile, will find St. Lucia full of deep sea fishing operators happy to take holidaymakers out for a chance to snag a king mackerel, a white marlin, or even a barracuda.

Relax in St. Lucia

When all that hiking, fishing, and yachting tires you out, lounge on white sand beaches lined with swaying palm trees. Go snorkeling to glimpse St. Lucia's underwater wonders, or learn to windsurf from instructors located right in your hotel. Parasailing provides a bit more for the thrill-seeker, along with an excellent aerial view of Rodney Bay.

Back on the land, go golfing at one of St. Lucia's world-class greens, or take the afternoon off for shopping in St. Lucia's capital city, Castries.

All in all, a holiday in St. Lucia offers the best the Caribbean has to offer. Whether you want to relax on the beach, sail the clear blue water, or hike through a tropical rain forest, St. Lucia is a delightful break from ordinary life.

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